Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Morning Commute

It starts, pretty much running and screaming, trying to get 2 kids into the truck somewhere between 7:30 and 7:38am. Monday through Friday. That's the first step. It ain't pretty, honey, let me tell you!

And so the half hour journey begins. While the scenery is beautiful,  traveling isn't always so much. The road is a country winding route - full of "promise" in one direction, seemingly endless "potholes" in the other. (I use the term 'potholes' gently. "Craters" may be a better term.) One day we saw 39 deer, in one direction. Gotta watch those critters; they can jump out of nowhere it seems.

The music is on loud -- the kids' requested cd. They know it off by heart. I know it off by heart. In fact there's one track that we listen to at least 3 times in the half hour drive. Oh my. Sometimes I get a piece of toast or a sock thrown at me from the backseat. There's poking, and tears and hollering. But, there's also those moments when they pleasantly sing along (and they do it so well that sometimes I get tears in my eyes!).

The funny part of the drive is the other regular commuters.

I have to make the turn up the hill before that friggin' little red, falling apart Toyota gets on the road. The driver doesn't go over 70km/h, at all! And, given the route and the animals, and the potholes, and the plethora of people traveling in the promising direction, passing is not really an option.

Then there's the regular wavers. My good mornings with out a sound. They're all traveling in the promising direction. I meet the same vehicles every morning. Some of them I've been meeting in roughly the same spot each morning for 10 years now.

Billy's usually first. I found out his name at a hockey game. He was with someone I knew. He recognized me as "the driver of such-and-such a car." LOL We've been good buddies since. We chat about the other regulars on the road, the road conditions, lack of plowing in the winter, hockey, the news, etc. Billy is my first morning wave of cheer everyday.

Anne buzzes along next. I've known her for years in various ways. She waves every few days. (May be the morning fog. Or menopause.)

There's the couple I don't know. They won't wave. We meet in the same spot each morning. I've started beeping my horn happily at them to be friendly. LOL If they land in the ditch someday, I'll stop and help them. My horn beeping is my way of extending my hand...

There's the blue car waver. The sometimes-if-it-dawns-on-me greenish truck waver.

Hello, Mister out for your morning walk. I could set my watch by him.
Walker #2 with the funky (?) outfits. LMAO

Hey, Mister big smile always bundled up walker... Where have you been? I haven't seen you in a few  weeks now that I think of it. Hmmmmm. Sad thing is, I can't even enquire because I don't know his name.

LIttle scruffy white doggie... stay the hell in your yard. You're gonna get hit!!!!!!

Another blue car waver. Silver car waver. Former student driving the yellow car, Good morning!

Hi, car with distinctive license plate who's erratic path scares me sometimes.

Potholes 1-1,789: You may be the death of me as I have to drive on the opposite side of the road to escape your wrath. :(

Ahhhhhhh.... it's a beautiful drive. It truly is. And in true country fashion, it rarely changes.

I wonder if people in big cities can have a commute as friendly and predictable with the human connection that mine has?

Til tomorrow morn'...