Saturday, April 28, 2012

Missing the groove...

From September to June, each school year, to be exact, I'm immersed in my 2 biggest responsibilities: working mom & teacher. It's no easy feat most days as I'm sure my neighbours can attest; I'm quite sure they think the 7:30am screaming banshee next door is nuts. It's because of these 2 all-giving, all forsaking responsibilities that my blogging takes a backseat.
 :( Boooooo.

Thanks to twitter & pinterest, I'm always popping onto great blogs and reading really great blog posts, which, in turn, causes me to ponder my own blogging more and more.

Thus, it's my hope to do it more! I want to get my thoughts, musings, etc down on paper (so to speak) once again. It's enjoyable. It's reflective. It's 'out there'.

So, don't give up on me yet. I'm gonna get my groove back!