Monday, May 14, 2012

Please remember the little steps...

A lot of people have their soapboxes they stand on. Fine. Good. These people have something that they're passionate about for whatever reasons. Good. Good for them. But, when their mission becomes so narrow-sighted and so self-proclaiming, often all that's left is a loud, beaming and boasting voice that loses it's message... that loses the passion... that loses respect and its audience sometimes, too.

It's when people lose their focus (or maybe some never really had a true one to begin with), that I wish they'd take the time to think of certain aspects of life.

Think of a baby learning to walk. First they need the support of others or other things. They gain confidence. Then, they start to take those little stumbling steps forward. Still with the encouragement and support of others. Finally, before too long, those little steps become leaps and bounds and full-fledged running.

But, guess what? If it wasn't for those little steps... there wouldn't be the running.

Sometimes all people have the ability to contribute (for whatever want or reason) is the little steps. Don't judge the little steps. Don't criticize. Encourage. It's with these little steps that a move forward can occur.

Did you ever hear the pitter-patter of many little feet? What better sound? All of those little steps, moving together toward progress. Toward a movement. Toward something special.

You can't deny the quiet, achieving beauty of the little steps.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Toxic People

When I was younger (in junior high and high school) I used to write poetry. A LOT of poetry. It was my outlet; it was how I dealt with my teen angst, my coming of age, so to speak. I remember one night sitting at my best friend's house and her mom throwing topics at me to see what kind of poems I could come up with based on an idea for a title only.

One of the titles she gave to me that night was "Toxic People". I remember in my naivety having to ask what that meant. (I think I was thinking of acne or something.) However, once she explained what "toxic people" were, the poem emerged. It was an ok poem, by some standards, but I'm sure it showed my limited life experience.

As I've been sitting here tonight, I was reminded of that poem... thinking about the toxic people in my life that I can't escape. I've tried. I've put them aside as best I can. I've risen above. But, the bitter reality is they are always lingering in the background... wandering through some insignificant aspect of my life... creeping into my thoughts, most times when I want them there the least.

I know they are toxic because they have a lasting, unescapable affect. I've tried. Yes, I've tried. But for some things, not even a well-thought of, well-written poem will put them to rest.

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