Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Note to a friend...

Note to a former friend

Dear "Friend",

Remember when we used to have chats and could trust one another? Well, I do. I remember you were reading a book then; it was Don't Sweat the Small  Stuff. We would have nice little chats and you would tell me "not to worry." "Life is too short." "It's all small stuff."

Well, honey... I think it's time you dusted it off and paid it a little revisit!

Sometime between having your children and becoming whatever it is you are now, you've lost the focus.
You've become the perpetuator of the small stuff.
You're now the one who makes mountains out of mole hills. In fact, no one even noticed the mole hills; all we see are your mountains!
Some things are not your business and you serve no purpose in sticking your nose in there.

Oh... and you're not always right.
You are not almighty.
Your children eat, shit and sleep just like everyone else's.
Your point of view is not the only one.
I don't have to agree with you. And, if I don't, it doesn't mean that I am against you; that I am wrong; or that I have an agenda.

Oh yes.... and it's not "cool" to be two-faced. Nor is it polite to get caught shooting me those kind of looks.

I don't know who you've become, and frankly, I don't want to know.


Someone who used to be your friend

PS -- I'll still be civil to you. In fact, because I'm a better friend, I may even suggest you take a large step back and revisit your little prophetic books. Maybe I'll even suggest you take a look in the mirror.
Cuz, honey, what you've become ain't pretty.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Parenting Paradox?!

So, apparently, this evening I "undermined" my hubby's parenting. No need to get into the minor details, but there is need to discuss such a thing.

Who does the majority of parenting in your home? Discipline? General upkeep? Is discipline the only form of parenting?

In my home, I'm the one who spends the vast majority of the time with the chillins. This is, as I am told,
"because of my schedule".
Um hmmmmmm.

I get them dressed in the morning, fed, out the door. Drive for the 35 minutes to get them to the sitter. Pick them up after work. Get them home. Entertain them until supper. Feed them supper... you know, the usual. Weekends usually see me spending at least half of Saturday with them, while hubs does stuff around the yard and so on. Sunday he has his usual golf game. So, me and the kiddies again.

Now, don't get me wrong... I don't begrudge any of this; I love my children dearly. But, sometimes being with them 24/7 can get a little hard on the head, you know. And, it may make me a little cranky. So be it.

So, where do the parenting rules come in? Where do they fit in such a scenario? Yes, we both should have a say in what's right and wrong; punishable vs. nonsense. Do we agree on all accounts? Nope. Do I grin and bear it sometimes? Yep. Do I bite my tongue? Yep! (ow)
So, where does this go from here?

Is there a winner? Does one parent have more clout than the other? If one parent spends considerably more time with the chillins, does that person have more clout? If so, where does the other parent fit in?

I know this should be equal; but according to tonight's discussions (or lack thereof) it is not.
Insight, anyone?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Um, it's kinda about covering your ass...

Well, there's one reason for this post.... staffroom conversations.
Sometimes they're good. Sometimes they're pure poison. This morning's was good (and it involves moms!).

It had to do with clothes. Mom clothes.
Don't fret...
It wasn't about the dreaded mom jeans... or granny drawers. Instead it was about their antecedents!

Once you become a mom, unless you've got some fine genes (hardy har har, no pun intended) in your make up, we're thinking that the extra "skinnage" we tend to acquire is something that can't be officially avoided nor ignored. (Yes, yes, yes, we try... we try to exercise, eat right, nip, tuck, blast it away, but for most of us, it's still there... and so is the chocolate cake on the kitchen cupboard and the gooey alfredo pasta on the restaurant menu!)

Our collective solution: Reitmans Comfort Fit pants! All 5 of us who were discussing clothes in the staff room this morning had on Comfort Fit pants! (It's casual day; we all had jeans on.) I swear by them. I wore Comfort Fit dress pants through my whole pregnancy. Saved a fortune. Now? They hide the rolls. They nip & tuck without surgery. They are stylin! We love them. We recommend them. We think you need to experience them.

Drathais / Drawers / Skivvies / Underwear / Panties (I HATE that word)
Gone are the days of thongs, lacy little numbers, and all those other adventurous items I wore down there at one time. I've inherited my grandmother's arse. It's not a minor item. And post-pregnancy I'm all about comfort. I searched and searched for the perfect underwear that:
  • were comfortable
  • created no lines in dress pants
  • wouldn't ride up, over or around any undesirable areas
It's been a long and arduous journey, but I've found them!
Womens Denver Hayes PERFECT FIT PANTY 2-Pack Briefs
Get your arse to Mark's Work Wearhouse NOW!
They are amazing. I've turned half the female staff onto these perfectly fitting, covering gems.
3 of the 5 of us in the staffroom today are wearing them.
The only thing that would make these better was if they came in a nude/neutral colour.
I love them. Long time.

So there you go. Our arses are comfortably covered.
We care about your arse, too. Give them a try!

Note: I've received no renumeration from the above mentioned companies, nor do I work for them or am associated with them in anyway (except for regularly shopping there!). However, should representatives wish to offer me free merchandise for singing their praises... my arse would love it!