Monday, June 7, 2010

Parenting Paradox?!

So, apparently, this evening I "undermined" my hubby's parenting. No need to get into the minor details, but there is need to discuss such a thing.

Who does the majority of parenting in your home? Discipline? General upkeep? Is discipline the only form of parenting?

In my home, I'm the one who spends the vast majority of the time with the chillins. This is, as I am told,
"because of my schedule".
Um hmmmmmm.

I get them dressed in the morning, fed, out the door. Drive for the 35 minutes to get them to the sitter. Pick them up after work. Get them home. Entertain them until supper. Feed them supper... you know, the usual. Weekends usually see me spending at least half of Saturday with them, while hubs does stuff around the yard and so on. Sunday he has his usual golf game. So, me and the kiddies again.

Now, don't get me wrong... I don't begrudge any of this; I love my children dearly. But, sometimes being with them 24/7 can get a little hard on the head, you know. And, it may make me a little cranky. So be it.

So, where do the parenting rules come in? Where do they fit in such a scenario? Yes, we both should have a say in what's right and wrong; punishable vs. nonsense. Do we agree on all accounts? Nope. Do I grin and bear it sometimes? Yep. Do I bite my tongue? Yep! (ow)
So, where does this go from here?

Is there a winner? Does one parent have more clout than the other? If one parent spends considerably more time with the chillins, does that person have more clout? If so, where does the other parent fit in?

I know this should be equal; but according to tonight's discussions (or lack thereof) it is not.
Insight, anyone?

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