Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Note to a friend...

Note to a former friend

Dear "Friend",

Remember when we used to have chats and could trust one another? Well, I do. I remember you were reading a book then; it was Don't Sweat the Small  Stuff. We would have nice little chats and you would tell me "not to worry." "Life is too short." "It's all small stuff."

Well, honey... I think it's time you dusted it off and paid it a little revisit!

Sometime between having your children and becoming whatever it is you are now, you've lost the focus.
You've become the perpetuator of the small stuff.
You're now the one who makes mountains out of mole hills. In fact, no one even noticed the mole hills; all we see are your mountains!
Some things are not your business and you serve no purpose in sticking your nose in there.

Oh... and you're not always right.
You are not almighty.
Your children eat, shit and sleep just like everyone else's.
Your point of view is not the only one.
I don't have to agree with you. And, if I don't, it doesn't mean that I am against you; that I am wrong; or that I have an agenda.

Oh yes.... and it's not "cool" to be two-faced. Nor is it polite to get caught shooting me those kind of looks.

I don't know who you've become, and frankly, I don't want to know.


Someone who used to be your friend

PS -- I'll still be civil to you. In fact, because I'm a better friend, I may even suggest you take a large step back and revisit your little prophetic books. Maybe I'll even suggest you take a look in the mirror.
Cuz, honey, what you've become ain't pretty.

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