Wednesday, October 27, 2010

on page 124 of your thesaurus...

...You'll find the word "mother" (well, not necessarily on that page, but you get my point).

In my thesaurus here's what it says:

mother -- mom, mommy, mama, butt-wiper, nose-wiper, chin-wiper, mouth-wiper, milk-pourer, milk-provider, driver, chaffeur, librarian, chef, waitress, maid, personal assistant, secretary, spokesperson, teacher, songstress, nurse, washer, jungle gym, psychiatrist, analyst, catalyst, Mrs., dishwasher, concierge, kitchen help, sweeper, winer, whiner, employee, employer, hairdresser, bull horn, confidant, CEO, CAO, DaWife...

get the drift? I think that's enough to cause a sore-ass in the thesaurus!

Special thanks to @BOREDmommy's tweet that inspired this post! Thank you!

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