Sunday, June 10, 2012

I'm All Glitz & Glamour...

... just look at me now.

I can rock a pony tail for days at a time.
Dark circles? Nah, last night's mascara.
Finger prints tell the stories of my children in the dust on the piano.
No matter how often I ride use my broom, the tumble weeds prevail.
The laundry's done... it just hasn't grown legs to get out of that pile.
There are stains on the couch. (A new one is redundant at this point.)
There are toys on the couch (and every other sitting surface, for that matter).
There's clutter everywhere, even though I de-cluttered 7 spots this month.
I forgot to use those coupons.
I missed the hours at the paint store.
That picture's not hung.

But, in it all, I'm all glitz and glamour because there's happiness... and fun... and spontaneity...

...and we all can clean up when really needed. 

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