Saturday, March 13, 2010

The birds & the bees, please...

While driving home from the city one day not too long ago, DD decides:

Mommy, I think you should have another baby so I can have a little sister. Yeah, you should grow another baby in your belly & I'll name my new little baby sister, Rosie, like on Caillou.

(oh God)

Um, DD, you wouldn't know for sure if it was a baby brother or baby sister, though.

Well... anyway... I think you should have another baby... What do you have to do anyway? Like, eat lots of food so that your belly gets bigger and bigger?

Well... no, DD, that's not quite the way it goes.

(sings to the radio... loudly)

How does it work then, Mommy?


Um, Daddy puts a seed in Mommy's belly.

(Note: I had already thought of how to address this when the time would come... and I got the idea from an article in a magazine... Today's Parent or something)

Her eyes grow BIG:

You mean, like when he's shopping for seeds for the garden he just gets a baby one... and what if he put a flower seed instead?!?! Could you grow a flower in your.....

(I switched the stereo to fiddle tunes & told her to whistle/jig along!!!)

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