Monday, March 1, 2010

My first tweet

My First Tweet

Oh my god! It's hard to believe, but thanks to another tweeter I just found out that today is my twitter anniversary! I can't believe it's been a year of tweeting!

When I started tweeting a year ago I had a 3 week old baby boy at home and was thoroughly enjoying the sleeplessness (um, that hasn't changed a year later... see previous blog post!) of being a stay at home mom on maternity leave once again. My 4 year old was testing my patience as we tried to get into a groove. As I was bombarded with Treehouse, and later, the Family Channel, on TV & preschool conversation all day long, I turned to twitter for my news & sports updates. Twitter was my line to the outside world! (And it drives hubby nuts -- which is ammo enough to keep it up! wink)

Fast forward a year... wow where did that year go?

Here's a little visual of my most tweeted words:

Looks like I was a big part of my tweets, eh?

But, you know what? I recently tweeted to @partymummy that it's the common gripes and experiences of many yummy mummies on Twitter that keep me coming back for more. In fact, it was Erica Ehm and the Yummy Mummy Club that fostered a purpose in my blogging. I had always had a couple of blogs I was juggling around, but the inspiring moms on here allowed me to really tap into my inner blogger. Thanks to all of you! While I don't even know if anyone reads my posts (no one really comments) I do enjoy writing them.

The sad part is, now that I'm back to work, I really miss my tweeps/tweeters/twitter friends. I desperately search for more time each day to reconnect with the other moms I've encountered on twitter.

Essentially, I've found out I basically tweet about a few things:
  • Life as a mom
  • hockey
  • teacher stuff
And, really, that's my life summarized. Isn't that what Twitter is all about? Summarizing your life in 140 characters or less?!

Catch ya on twitter ;)

PS: A special shout out to @melissamacneil who intro'ed me to twitter in the first place. ;)

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  1. That's funny, I think I'm coming up on my one year anniversary soon too (will have to go back and check the date of my first tweet). I absolutely agree that Twitter is indeed a line to the outside world. Some days when I'm trapped at home, I feel a little less isolated if I can tweet with friends and share a few laughs. (my hubby also laughs at my twitter addiction!)


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