Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Grown Up Christmas List

You know, the stuff I'd really like to ask Santa for:

10. $100,000

9.   For all the kids in my class to get just what they asked for

8.   My driveway paved

7.  Tickets to the World Junior Hockey Games (any games played by Canada)

6.  For my sister to have her baby sooner than later so she won't be cranky over the holidays

5.  An evening with Drew Barrymore: drinking wine, in jammies on her couch

4.  Tickets to see Ellen

3.  Housekeeping for a year... (for life would be greedy)

2.  No debt. NONE!

1.  Shemar Moore & Matthew McConnaughy under the tree.... bow and all ;)


  1. Ditto minus the pregnant sister and paved driveway - LA

  2. Lucky pants. Your driveway must already be paved. Good thing I didn't ask for a pool, too! :P

    When Drew, Shemar & Matt stop by, I'll invite you over!


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