Monday, January 3, 2011

Letters to old and new friends...

So, a new year should warrant some wonderful, insightful new post, right?
Pfft. I'm drawing a blank.

So instead I'll impart some random reflections on 2010 & thoughts on the year ahead.

Dear 2010:
You were gut-wrenchingly hard emotionally at times. You kicked my profession ass, sent me spirally down roads I didn't know were there. While I hated the journey you took me on, I'm now grateful as I've found a renewed love for teaching. So, in the most awkward, backwards, still eating at my heart way -- thank you.

You had my little boy turn 1, my daughter start school. While I don't appreciate you necessitating those milestones, again, I thank you. The smiles, memories, laughs and challenges have been second to none. Thank you.

I learned a lot from you this year. Professionally, personally... in so many ways. It was probably the first time I can really look back on a year and say thank you and shake my head all at once.

Dear 2011:
You're unknown to me. I look forward to embracing what you have in store for me and my family. I'm a wiser, more considerate, more thankful person than the one who started last year. I'm ready.

I'm not one to resolve to much. But I will let you know that I will make some smaller changes to the day-to-day operations of my life. That is all. These minor changes will likely evolve, change and be fluid themselves. That's how I roll now!

So, 2011... nice to meet you. Please be kind. Bring me smiles and laughter, patience and endurance. I'm sure we'll be good friends.


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