Sunday, January 16, 2011

How Twitter Is Making Me a Better Mom...

Sounds strange, doesn't it? How could "all that time" I spend on twitter -- between my blackberry, my iPad, computer -- make me a better mom?

Most people I know don't really get Twitter. They can't figure it out, see its point or purpose; but for me, twitter has really opened my eyes. In twitter I've found a large, vast network of moms who are looking to try and balance life just like me. Some of them are self-employed, some are stay-at-home moms, and some are otherwise employed, like me. What unites us is we all have our "moments" when we need to vent, and bitch, and simply get something off our chests.  But that's not our only 140 characters.

In my twitter feed, I'm constantly reminded of little things that make the mom/parenting job important. Because of twitter, I now bake more (a little more, but it's a start). It's something I'm enjoying. I'm sharing the experience with my daughter, and the whole family gets to eat the rewards! Moms like @caffeinated_mom, @theamberness, and others are always posting their tasty creations. This had me thinking: if they can juggle their time to do this, why can't I? I simply got off my arse and gave it a try!

Moms like @acraftymom and @somekindofmom are teachers like me. We can bounce ideas off of one another, seek each other for support. This means less "shop talk" with my hubby, which allows me to focus my energies at home on other topics.

Throughout my twitter feed each day I see so many tweets of the various activities children are in. Everything from Family and Speed Skating, to dance, gymnastics, and even robotics. While I search for finding a way to balance working, driving great distances and encouraging my children (mainly DD at this stage) to be involved in extracurricular activities, I'm intrigued to try a little harder to get DD to try a few more options.

My tweeps also afford me many links and quick ideas to use as a mom. From organizing ideas, to decor ideas, tips for reading with my children, app suggestions, craft ideas, etc, etc. it never ceases to amaze me what I can learn each day on here. Every day I can find something new to try with my children, or something new to help with managing my home. My favorites list just keeps growing and growing.

Then there's the blog posts. Wow -- the wealth of perspective and experience in those blog posts. I've laughed and cried while reading some of those posts by the many people I follow. Some have made me realize how fortunate I am to live where I live, have the family I've got, the health I've got. Others have made me green with envy in all sorts of ways. Talking about stopping to relfect; stoping and smelling the roses! But, at the end of the day, when I'm logging off and setting my head down on my pillow, I can always glance back and think,

"Thanks, tweeps... you've made my day in some way once again today."

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  1. What a great post! You are absolutely right, it's a great way to bounce ideas off like minded people. It's also about creating community and supporting eachother! Thanks for including me in your post!


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