Saturday, January 8, 2011

A happy place

backyard view on a snowy day
I'm sitting here at the big dining room table (in the room we call "the porch") with a big mug of King Cole tea, a KitKat Chunky, and silence. Outside I can see the snow really coming down; finally making this place look like a winter wonderland (one of the ways I love it the most).
The 5 year old is outside making snow angels on the deck and shoveling all at once (it is possible!). She's patiently waiting for Daddy to emerge from the garage to build a snowman and then go for a trek in the woods with the walkie talkies! The little man is in his crib for a nap.

This moment, right now, is my happy place. I have others: going for a mosquito free walk on a summer's evening with the ipod and a camera; a long drive with a Tim Horton's coffee and my camera ready to snap anything that may seem the remote bit odd or interesting; standing at the back of a hall in the backwoods of Cape Breton listening to a fiddler really drive'er on some tunes (well, and dancing a square set to those tunes); being at my husband's childhood home looking up at the night sky which always seems to have that little extra touch of magic for some reason; seeing the lightbulbs go off for students in my class when they've found something particularly frustrating; sitting at the edge of my seat in the third period of a really good, rough, nail-biter hockey game (that one just came to mind compliments of the Little Man in his crib hollering "hockey!" -- go to sleep, mister)...

My happy places don't consist of much. They're not something money can buy; they are moments . They don't usually last long, but they are mine.

Cheers to you and your happy place...

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