Thursday, January 27, 2011

I want money, lots and lots of money...

Another snow day here. Another avenue I'm going down looking at things in my life.
Today's task? Looking at the balance of money coming into the house, and money going out.

We do not live a life of luxury in many regards, but we don't do without, either.
We have good jobs, god salaries, but... SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!

My bi-weekly pay cheque covers the following of our expenses:
-- mortgage
-- childcare
-- 1 of 2 vehicle payments
-- gas for SUV
-- School expenses (lunch $, etc)
-- milk
-- my massage/chiro fees
-- my line of credit which "paid" for my Masters degree

My pay also has our medical and dental benefits taken off of it.

That leaves DH to pay for with his pay cheque:
-- groceries
-- second vehicle payment
-- insurances
-- yard maintenance fees (snow removal, etc)
-- power
-- phone
-- internet
-- his own gas

These are just the daily / weekly / monthly expenses.

It's expensive to live in Canada!

So, after this exercise in depression, would I like to win the lottery? Hell, yeah!
But the sad part is, to win $1 million wouldn't be enough for both of us to quit our jobs, as once was the way not so long ago!

But to be truthful, to win $100,000 would be more than enough for us.

Does anyone have really good budgeting ideas?
How do you make ends meet? Or can you?
How do single parent or single income families do it?

I wanna be a millionaire, so freaking' bad....

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