Monday, July 5, 2010

School Thoughts: Thanks to @CoffeesCommutes

Wow. Decisions, decisions, eh?

Like Christine (@CoffeesCommutes), my daughter will be starting school in the fall. While we didn't have the Catholic vs. Public debate that Christine and her hubby had where we live, we did have the choice between the small rural school where I teach vs. the larger slightly more (and I stress *slightly* lol) urban school down the road.

Our decision was fueled by many thoughts:
  • I teach at the school so I would be there -- Bonus.
  • Originally I was going to be teaching her for 2 subjects -- Wasn't sure how that would go.
  • She has been going to the school with me for different events her whole life. She knows the school, the staff, the students. -- Bonus.
  • To go to the other school would mean having to arrange afterschool childcare at my home -- not exactly easy.
What secured our decision to send her to the small school where I teach was values & morals and the way other children who go to that school are raised. We want our daughter to be surrounded by wholesome children...  where having the best brandname clothing doesn't necessarily matter and it's ok to be 11 and still believe in Santa Claus, for instance. I can honestly say there's something about the children I teach at this school. They're good kids; they're wholesome!

However, this spring saw some disheartening attitudes and scenarios with regards to the school, some parents, etc. Some people were hurt (emotionally) and discouraged. And, we were left wondering if we wanted these darker moments to possibly influence our daughter when she goes to school. After some longgggggggggggggg thought processes, discussions, rants, etc, we decided that what makes the school special is the teachers, the students, the community... it's way more complex than just a few instances.
As @KidsCrafts told Christine on twitter,
School whether Catholic or public is defined by teachers that hopefully inspire, but there are no guarantees.

Her heart is set on starting school there. MY heart is with that school.
Sometimes you just have to follow your heart.... and there are no guarantees.


  1. No guarantees anywhere, that's for sure, and at least if she's at your school, you'll know when those darker influences are at work & can respond appropriately. Having grown up with that similar sort of safety net of having your parents have a good idea what's going & who's teaching your kid ... I'm terrified of the idea I don't know enough about the schools here to make a similarly well informed decision when that time comes! I'm sure September will have bumps, but it will all work out in the end because of what's at home!

  2. Thanks, Jenna!
    I know you know the idea of small schools here in CB! And I would be worried to death... a nervous wreck, if I didn't know the teachers that are going to be teaching B. Sometimes being on the inside can be good and bad!


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