Saturday, February 6, 2010

I think I need an intervention :(

Yes, sadly, I think I need an intervention. Or, wait. Perhaps it's my soon-to-be one year old son who needs an intervention? My daughter? Someone in this house needs an intervention!

Case A: When I was on mat. leave
Once I had my dear son, and we had breastfeeding and life with two kids adjusted, we got into a nice routine. Although my son has never been great to sleep through the night, he would wake maybe twice for all of 10 minutes, then fall back to sleep. My 4 year old daughter sleeps like a log; not even a freight train could wake her, so, we'd all emerge from our cozy cocoons sosmewhere between 8 and 10am. There was never really a set time, but it was blissfully somewhere in that two hour span. It was so wonderful that often we couldn't make it to playgroup or preschool skating on time!

aaaaahhhhhh... to quote Archie & Edith Bunker...those were the days...

Case B: Now that I've returned to work
It's been my first week back to work. I'm a teacher. Fine. I do love my job most days. I also have to travel 40 minutes to my very rural school and the babysitter's house. I leave the house each day at 7:30am with two kids in tow.

Because of this new schedule, we had to introduce a new routine to the children ("chillins" as we call them). Daughter is now in bed after the 7pm episode of Hannah Freakin' Montana; but she doesn't usually fall asleep until 8pm. My darling little boy can't really make it past 7:15pm. It's kind of nice to have a couple of hours to ourselves in the evenings. (Um, to tidy up the house, do the dishes, get lunches ready for the next day... w e  a r e  s o  e x c i t i n g)

But, can we fast forward to the waking hour?

I was mentally prepared to be waking (truth be known I just wrote "bed" there instead of "be" -- my mine is sending me subliminal messages!) at 5:45 each morning, just to get myself and everything and everyone ready each morning. (see previous post about the whole new routine) The first Monday, no problems. I got up. Woke my darling son at about 6:15am. My hubby woke the dragon sleeping daughter at 6:30 (which ended up being waaaaaaay too early for her). Everyone was ready and out the door on time. Tuesday saw the same routine, only dear daughter got up at 6:55am, which was much more manageable. Wednesday...
the little arse son woke up at 4:45am --- pinging --- not going back to sleep, ready for the day!

Thursday, little arse woke up at 5AM!!!!!

Friday, 5:05AM!!!
By Friday afternoon I was a slumping, slouching, yawning, cranky, irritable shell of a being. (Thank God, I was at an inservice where I could hide from most people!)

And that brings us to today.... Saturday.
Note to children: IT'S THE WEEKEND! TIME TO SLEEP IN!!!!!!!!

Well, let me tell you. Right now it's 6:58am. I've been up for 2 hours. Dear son and I had breakfast long ago. While we were eating, another offspring emerged from her bedroom. At 6am. FML. I've already endured 3 Hannah Montana performances and 4 outfit changes by my daughter who is insisting that I call her "Hannah Montana" and her brother "Jackson" today. She just freakin' called "Robbie Ray". (If some dude with sideburns and bad highlighted mullet hair shows up on my doorstep today, I'm moving. End of story!)


Intervention needed, jury! Case A vs. Case B
How am I ever going to get my old, sleeping in life back that all my friends were jealous of? Is there any way to train your children to wake later on weekends?

My husband always used to joke that everyday he "got up at the crack of dawn" (My name is Dawn - hardy har har). Well, he's still in bed right now. Asleep.

And this crack is ready to crack!

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