Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Tumultuous" - thank you Alanis Morrissette

I'm sitting here on a Thursday evening, half falling asleep, too stubborn to power down & head to bed. (Afterall, it is only 9pm!) This has been a very tumultuous (thank you, Alanis Morrissette for teaching me that word in your lyrics) week in my so-called life.

My stomach tossed & turned with dread, but also excitement & nervousness as I headed to work Monday. With 545am alarms, winter driving for the commute to work, having to wake my sleeping children (well, sort of...more on that coming) one thought keeps creeping into my mind:

Why, oh why, didn't I think of setting up a shared teaching or co-teaching term for these months when I've returned to work? I'd be saving on gas money, reducing the homework/ prep each night (I swear I do more homework than all of my 125 students put together!!!) - le sigh. And, as much as I longed for regular adult conversation, the B.S. associated with my job & colleagues is simply overpowering & even toxic at times; frankly, I could do without!

All that being said, however, when some of my students came into my classroom today & were so genuinely excited to have me back... Giving me cards & drawings, even a cookie!... It kind of affirmed my love of teaching. Yet I'm still struggling this time around with my dual role - mother & working/teacher mom. I find it to be mentally, physically & emotionally exhausting so far in this first week back. (Now that could also be the sleep deprivation as dear son has had me awake before or right at 5am the past 2 mornings!!! -sending sleep vibes his way now)

If the forecasted 30cm of snow doesn't come tomorrow, I'll be at a professional development session, likely not really paying attention... More likely daydreaming or catching a few open-eyed winks. See, I'm so sleepy right now, this isn't even making sense anymore... Lol

'Night all... I'll spare you anymore...
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